Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweets!

Above: Hannah and one of the cast members from Cake Boss on TLC. She wants to learn to be a cake decorator really bad, so this was a special treat for her.
Below: At a lake in Maine. Isn't she beautiful?
Happy 11th Birthday to our Sweet Hannah!! We love you so much! Want to know a bit about our Hannah at 11? Here are some things that her Dad and I were talking about this morning...
  • She is one smart girl! She asks lots of questions and wants to know information about everything.
  • She reads. A lot. When she has down time, she reads. Inside, outside everywhere.
  • She loves her family. She is such an awesome sister to big siblings and little. Definitely a natural caretaker.
  • She loves all things art. Drawing, looking at and being a part of it. Her latest art love is cake decorating. For the last year she has talked of nothing else. So her gift is to take cake decorating classes. I look forward to seeing her creations.
  • She has a very tender heart. So in tune to others around her.
  • She is very intuitive and it's hard to "pull one over" on her. She catches on right away! It's HARD to really surprise her.
  • She isn't one to pour out her true emotions right away. She mulls them over, processes them, writes them down then is ready to talk about them.
She is becoming a beautiful young woman and loves the LORD. For that I am most impressed. She wants to serve Him and wants others around her to too. A love for the lost. She prays so fervently for those she loves to follow the Lord, just as hard as she prays for herself to follow Him. Best thing about her ever!


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