Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Cross Country is Over

The final meet is over and cross country was a success.  James loved it and so did I.  Fun to watch, exciting, and made James feel like a superstar. 
I love his team.  They are truly a TEAM.  I was encouraged by the way the team encouraged one particular team mate.  Nick.  Nick is different from the other kids.  Autistic, slow, sweeter than any kid I've ever met.  Nick finishes every race.  He is always last but always happy when he finished and oh so proud of himself.  I cried every single meet I was at when I saw him finish.  Not because I felt sorry for him, but for his pride and the team was always running with him.  Oh sure they had already run their miles but as they finish they go find Nick and run with him to the finish line.  He had friends and was a part of that team just like the guys that finished in 11 minutes.  When he ran in at 35 minutes, he was not alone.  Cool.  Very cool. 
So there it is.  Cross country is over.  Races ran, lessons learned...great season.

Pic One - Nick
Pic Two - The team running Nick in.


Liz K said...

how fun! What good lessons!

Kelly Glupker said...

AWESOME! And what character building opportunities for the other teammates. I love this post.