Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter is Finally Here

Winter is here which means the start of basketball season.  Hannah's favorite season.  She is playing again this year.  This year is different though for two reasons.  First, Dad is coaching.  She loves having Big James as her coach.  Hannah is a Daddy's Girls all the way and she takes pure delight in the special time with her dad.'s way harder playing 6th to 9th graders.  Some of these girls are tough.  They are older so they are out of the the "learning" league now.  They can steal, fouls are called and free throws are thrown.  She loves it!  They won their first game but I heard from the coach tha he's not so sure it wasn't more luck than skill.

Winter has arrived outside too!  Hannah and Evan made the cutest little snowman while Little James was at snow camp for the weekend.  Isn't it adorable?  It was.  They smashed it.  Jumped on it yelling like Banshees.  SO. MUCH. FUN.

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