Monday, March 19, 2012

4 Years Old

I can hardly believe that my little guy is 4 years old!  I still remember the smell of his wispy hair on the day he was born.  Now he smells like outside and dirt from playing outside all day.  He is reading basic words, DOG, CAT, MOM...etc.  He can do simple addition, that I'm pretty sure he just figured out riding in the van looking at his fingers.  Suprised by the fact he had exactly 5 more of the same fingers on the other hand. 
Evan prays each night with Daddy and I love to just listen.  He always starts with "dear God, thank you that you always always love me and sent Jesus to love me".  He then adds about 45 things that he is thankful for that day.  I just love that he knows God always loves him.  He does!
Evan loves to play hard, read books, do puzzles and snuggle in the morning. 
I really love my sweet boy.    He often looks at me and says "you're my girl Mommy!".

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

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Jenny LaBo said...

I love that face!!!!! :)