Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Because I Can!!

In the last couple of months I have had one of the Wickman children have some very grouchy days.  Very grouchy.  I seemed to be getting the brunt of the grouching.    When I asked this child "why are you treating ME so icky?  What's going on?"  The answer was a very bold "BECAUSE I CAN".   I did not react right away and instead made this child spend some time alone in their room until they felt a bit less grouchy.  

I thought about this answer. What in the world??  Am I just easy to run over?  Easy to be mad at? 

So this child explained later.  I can be grouchy with you because you will still be the same.  You don't change  how you feel about me or change plans or not talk to me.  That was literally the end of the conversation. 

Oh........days, and I mean days,  of running those thoughts through my head.  

I get it now.  They feel secure.  While treating me like that wasn't ok, it was actually a bit of a compliment.   They get it.  I love them.  Always.  Unconditionally.   No matter the mood, place or timing.  I will love them.  

I do the same thing to God.  I am mean and grouchy to Him.  I get mad.  I take out my bad days on Him.  
He always loves me. Always.
Pastor Bob said it well last Sunday - "God has big shoulders, He can take it".  He can and he does.  He can hear my cries and he knows my sinful heart and loves me anyway.  Unconditionally.  

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Joy Hayward said...

Have had similar conversations around our home, too! Totally get your train of thought here. Kinda like you're swimmin' around in my own brain!