Friday, March 15, 2013


James IV wanted to referee this year.  His first job.  He was excited to earn some money.  He refereed for our church basketball league...which is quite large.  He ref'd the young kids and had a great time.
Big James loves to referee.  Loves it!  He has ref'd basketball for CBC for the last few years along with training the young refs.
This year was different for him though.  His boy wanted to do it with him.  Oh the pride and happiness that my husband felt.  Not that James wanted to be like Dad, but that he got to do something together.  Each week that was grown up.  Something he knew was coming, but was happily surprised when he realized how mature his son had become.
I would say they had more fun in the car on the way to and from than the actual refereeing.  I'm SO SO glad they got to do this together.  A great father/son event.
Little James (although he is not so little anymore- he's taller than me!) learned so much!  I think he thought that it would be easy peasy and a quick paycheck.  He learned it takes time and energy.  Most of all he learned it's a sacrifice to have a job.  He learned that there were other things he would rather do but couldn't because he committed to a job.  I think he respects the working world a bit more now.  I know he at least understands it better when someone says "I have to work".
Good things happening around the Wickman house.  Isn't it fun to watch your kids grow up?

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