Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The song that has been on repeat all month.

You know when you hear a song and you think "that's a catchy tune", and you like it.

I have one of those, I love the tune.  What I love more is the lyrics.  Oh the truth of the words.  The song is by Crowder - called I AM.

It's a reminder to me that through storms....and there have been storms this year.  Health, financial, relationships(not marriage, don't worry)....storms....God never lets us go.  In the middle of the storm He is still I AM.  Still the creator, the King the lover of my soul.  We hold on to Him, but really HE holds us through these storms.  Storms we could never weather on our own.

I just love that God loves me that much and there is that much power in who He is.

So I'm sharing my new favorite song.  It makes me smile with joy and weep with humility that God loves me just that much.

The song th

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