Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Family and Friends

Aren't those two of the best words ever? God has blessed us so much with some amazing family and friends.
Our friends are always calling or e-mailing with some wonderful things God is doing in their lives and it is such an encouragement to us :) We appreciate the reminders of what an amazing God we have. We love you all and can't wait to see most of you on Sunday nights. Miss Jenny, you are always missed and prayed for :) We love the pictures and keep up on your blog. Same for you both Glupkers. We pray for you as we read your blog and pray your move to Kentucky goes well. Exciting things going on!
Family. That word just makes me smile. I love family. God gave me the best family ever. I'm not just talking about my husband and new kids, but all my family. I have wonderful Godly parents that have been an example of God in every aspect of life to me and are now sharing their wisdom and spiritual insight with my husband and children as if they were there own. (makes me a little misty) Uncle Chris is a huge blessing to all of us too :) We're always excited when he is around and we can't wait to spend a WHOLE week with him!! He is so special to the kids, they absolutely adore him. He's pretty special to me too. He's a great friend for James too and good Christian man to befriend is hard to find.
My extended family is super awesome too!! I'm sad sometimes that they all live so far away. It would be so wonderful to have them all close, but God has us all right where he wants us. But it would be fun if we could visit with..and I quote the kids "you know those really fun family from Colorado?" or "What about Nicole? Are we going to play Uno with her soon?" or my favorite, "when are we going to Grandma Spear's to have 'real' orange juice?" But like I said, God has us all right where He wants us.

Family and firends, know that you are thought of daily and prayed for often. We love you!!

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Lorraine said...

I noticed you didn't have a comment yet, so I wanted to be the first!

I love your writing - it makes me excited to start a family (when the time is right for us). Brian and I miss seeing you each week in church, but I'm glad to read such a great report.