Thursday, August 31, 2006

Going on Vacation!

We going on our first real family vacation!!
We're going to Camp Barakel for family camp for the long weekend. We are then going to continue on to camp in St. Ignace. The kids have never been to Mackinaw Island and it has been a long time since James has been there, so we are going to head there for a day. We are also going to take the kids to Taquamenon (sp?) Falls for a day and probably over to the Soo Locks to see how they work. Everything seems more exciting when you get to show kids that have never seen these things :)
It's going to be a true family vacation too! My Mom, Dad and Chris are all coming along. James really wanted them to come and of course me too. I was glad it was his idea :) He really loves my family. What a blessing!!!!
So, with that said, this is the last blog for a while. We'll have some pictures when we get back of our travels.

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Jenny LaBo said...

Hope you are having a great time!!!