Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"normal" days

Life is back to normal now. As normal as a household gets with two kids. There are always plenty of suprises. For example the large bees nest that I got to battle on Saturday or the bike races. Then there is the ever constant battle of keeping the house clean.
Seems pretty mundane doesn't it. I LOVE IT! This is what I have wanted my whole life. To take care of my family. There is so much satusfaction when your husband thinks the meal you made is great and he's stuffed. Little did he know how good it was for him :) It's always wonderful too when Hannah or James tell the neighbor kids that we keep our house clean because God gave it to us and we need to take care of the things God gives us.
Being around kids 24/7 has made me aware of their boldness for Christ out of their pure love for Him. It puts me to shame. They are always telling the boys across the street about what they learned at church or how they got an Olympian medal. They even invite the kids over for family devotions! When is the last time we invited someone to devotions? I know for me, probably when I was at Camp as a couselor. Pray that James and I are good examples with our own devotions and that we might learn from these little children what a pure childlike love of God can be like. Pray too that the kids keep that fire in them even when they are away from Mayville.
We do pray for our Saginaw friends every night. If any of you have anything specific, we would love to pray for you. I know we have gotten a few requests from Jenny and Kelly's blogs. Know that you both are prayed for specifically every night.
We love you all!

The Wickman's


nurseglup said...

Hey Pa-mella!

I got on your site today to see if you had packing pictures, and you did. Looks beautiful! Glad to hear you guys had a good time. Good to read your thoughts, too; I'm glad you're doing well personally, and as a family, too.


Chris said...

Pam I now also have a blog.