Saturday, August 12, 2006

We're Home

We made it! We are home. I love home. It is most wonderful to lay your head on your own bed and not the ground.
We went to Lake Superior Provencial Park and little beyond and hiked for 6 days. God's creation is truly Awesome. I was most certainly in AWE of the beauty. No major problems this trip which is excellent. I did have a minor mishap down a slope and cut my leg up pretty good, but it will heal and I look like I'm a diehard hiker.
We always have time together each day where we look at God Word together. This week we looked at what real success is. That was a great study as God doesn't look at how much earthly things or how many people like us. Everyone has the same opportunity to be successful in God's eyes. If we are living for Him and Striving to be like Christ we are going to be more successful that we could ever imagine. For our reward is not here on earth. Too many times we lose sight of that and put God on an earthly level thinking our reward is how much we are blessed here on earth. I pray that the devotions that were done and the time of meditation on the trail will not be lost as I return home to the every day.

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Jenny LaBo said...

So glad that you guys made it home safely!
Love the new backgrond color!!
Ahhh to be successful. It is hard sometimes to seperate from the world on what real SUCESS is. For me anyway. I just think of what we were talking about a couple weeks ago and the former places we worked and how different things are now. On a spiritual level I think that I am WAY more successful now then when I was working full time. Now is definately a simpilar way of life but things seem much more in focus.
Anyway I think that you have made a very sucessful life for YOURself Pam. I am proud to be your friend and see how much God has been working in your heart.
I love you dearly