Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Birthday James!

My Sweet little James turns 8 tomorrow. We had a party on Sunday so Mammy, Pappy, Uncle Chris, Grandma Spear, and the Armstrongs could join us. James had plenty of help with blowing out candles and opening presents as you can see. Hannah and Olivia are his biggest fans :) He had a "super great" day. He had a real hard time deciding what to take to school for show and tell. If you look at my dad's blog you'll see what the decision was. What can be cooler than going back to school with a hunting story and a deer skull.


Jen said...

Great cake!!!!!

Pam said...

He really wanted a Hunting cake. Camo cake. It was James that did most of the decorating. He's good at that stuff.

Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

Happy Birthday James! I had help blowing out my candles too - the joys of having little kids around.:)
By the way, thank you for the birthday card! I got it last night when we got home from Michigan.