Wednesday, November 29, 2006


2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you.

The Lord is so patient with me. Much more patient than I am sometimes with waiting on His plan. Many of you know we still have a home in Ann Arbor that is yet to sell. We don't know why it isn't selling, other than the bad market right now. God hasn't decided it is time for it to sell. We would love to know why, as the home is a tremendous financial burden. Pray for us as we wait on His perfect will. Pray that we would trust that any delays we perceive, are in reality, His perfect wisdom. We are not frustrated, angry or panicked about the home. God has provided peace to be patient and wait on Him.
Thank you for praying with us.


JEN said...

Okay I feel bad, I was thinking that you were moving the house. I am so sorry about this burden....I will be praying even more :)

Pam said...

We were going to mov ethe house, but God answered our prayers and let us know that it couldn't be there. There is a zoning law that prohibits us moving the house to the lot we were going to buy. So, back to square one.

Jen said...

Wow there must be a huge reason why it won't sell and it HAS to stay there. God has a big plan. Remember when Josh lost his Josh and we just couldn't figure out why. Here we are. Josh has completed a part of the program and I have a job that doesn't make me cry!

Jen said...

I was also going to add that I can't wait to see how God works this out!

Sarah Glupker said...


Doesn't the faith of Abraham, who waited over 20 yrs. for God's promise (Isaac!) to come about, just absolutely amaze you when you're in a circumstance where faith is all you have to hang on to? Faith is always so nice to read about, but often difficult to go through when the lesson is still be worked through, eh? If only God's timing were like mine... NO, His plan is wiser, and for my good..and your good... and so we trust even when there's nothing other than faith hanging me by a thread (quite literally sometimes!). Praying God brings "Mr. and MRs. Buyer" along soon. Sending hugs out to mayville


Hey---when are you next in Saginaw? Let me know.