Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Pictures

The kids were gone for the weekend, and when the kids aren't around I don't tend to take many pictures. But I know you all wanted some pics so here it goes.

This is our 20 minute egg decorating. The kids just weren't into leaving the eggs to get nice and bright. Instant eggs was what they were going for. Oh well, we had fun.

James celebrated his birthday with our family on Friday night. Mom made him a delicious red velvet cake. Yes, that's my favorite but she didn't make it for my birthday and he had always wanted to try it. So he asked, and she delivered. James has what Chris and I call "the in-law factor". Which means, if we want something, we have James ask because Mom and Dad do anything for James :) I love you Mom and Dad!

On Easter we got all dressed up. James wore a suit to church and I have to say he looked really good!!

So that was our weekend. Pretty laid back. Just played games with Mom, Dad and Chris and had a great relaxing time.


Kara said...

I must say you are one good looking couple. Thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

Thanks Kara :) You're so kind.