Thursday, April 12, 2007


Chris and Kara needed and update. So here it is.
Dad and I went to Ann Arbor on Tuesday to clean the A2 house. Thanks Dad!!! He worked really hard with me and we got a lot done.
I left my camera at Mom and Dad's so I will post some Easter pics when I get it.
Sorry I don't have anything more exciting to post. I will later today, I'm taking the kids to Saginaw so they can spend the night at Mom and Dad's. That will make their Spring Break complete :) Oh and I'll pick up my camera today.


Kara said...

Oh goody, you know I love pictures!
And Pam, if I didn't have 4 little ones here I would be right by your side cleaning away.

Pam said...

I know you would be. I know you'd be there to help me move too, but I'd rather you take care of your babies :) I'll just borrow your husband, maybe if he doesn't work in the day we actually move.

Jenny LaBo said...

heck my dad has the Jeep still.
Give big T a call. It's been almost a year since he has moved somone.