Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kelly Tagged Me

I am supposed to tell 8 random or little known things about myself and then tag 8 others. I am not so sure about the 8 others I can tag. All my friends have been tagged by Kelly or Kara. Except maybe Chris, so Chris, you're "it".

This was hard, it seems everyone knows so much about me. Either from me or my family. But, here it goes.

1. I actually get really nervous when meeting new people. Finding a new church would be a lot harder without James to hang on to.

2. I have absolutely no decorating skills, that's not unknown, but I do LOVE reading about gardening, home improvement, and really am enjoying HGTV.

3. I look at all my food before I put it in my mouth. I have this strange need to see what it is that I'm eating. Which means I'm not big on dimly lit restraunts or candle lit dinners.

4. My dream bike would be a tandom like my parents so I can enjoy conversation with my husband while riding bikes.

5. I was a lion in the 2nd grade play and the best part was crawling around on the floor. So much so that when the other kids got up to sing the next song, I was still crawling around on the floor roaring like a lion.

6. My favorite vacations have been out West. My family and I have been to MANY states, but the best vacations were to Wyoming and Utah.

7. I smell every piece of laundry before I fold it. The kids just pointed that out to me. :) I do love the smell of nice clean laundry.

8. Mouth noises drive me crazy!!! When people bite into things, or chew with their mouth open. I can't even stand the Michigan Apples commercial where they repeatedly bite into apple to show how crisp they are. I really struggle not to tell grown adults to chew with their mouths closed.

That's all I can think of. This was harder than I thought. So let see, Chris, I'll be checking your blog, and how about you Kim Schwab :)


Kelly Glupker said...

I know these survey things are kinda dumb, but I sure like reading everybody's answers!

Mom said...

I like reading them too!

Pam, I didn't have power for several hours tonight. I wonder if Dad tried to contact me? I came home tonight and was only home a few minutes and it went off. Sarah Glupker came by on her bike and we talked a little at my front door. I had some candles going. Everything is messed up, the clocks, phone, lights. Sure don't know what happened. Looking forward to the weekend at Barakel!