Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We went with our family, Mom, Dad, Chris and Jessie and Austin Hazen. What a blast! I am sure Dad and Mom are exhausted after this weekend. All the kids stayed in their camper with them. One morning I got up and looked at the camper and the thing was shaking and you could hear laughing through the whole campground. Turns out, all the kids attacked Dad and were having a big tickle fight. Noisy and Fun!!!

Dad took all 4 kids fishing and they caught some good sized fish. We ate them for lunch on Sunday. mmmmmm As you notice in the picture, Dad didn't even take a pole with him. The kids couldn't understand why he didn't have one. As if between the baiting the hooks and taking tiny bluegill off the hook and untangling lures from Hannah's hair, he would have had time to fish. He looked like he was in his glory. :)

James and James managed again to get the riflery award. James III shot a 49 out of 50 and James IV shot a 45 out of 50 with no help from Dad. They sure have a good shot!

Hannah really liked having Jessie around. They just had a good time snuggling by the fire :)

I have more pictures, just not enough room on this post. I'll get another one posted today. You HAVE to hear about Mom on the newest thing at Camp, Thunder Express :) I can't believe she did it!


Kara said...

What nice pictures! Love that last one of Hannah and Jessie! Glad you had a good time, we just got back from Up north, I'll post some pictures later, too.

Jenny LaBo said...

WOW Jessie looks so much older!!! It's great that you guys had so much fun!

Laurie said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. I love watching grandparents with their grandchildren. My dad said he had to rest up because the grandkids were visiting. He probably needs a rest now too.