Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Mom

If anyone knows my Mom, they know she is a really awesome woman.

My mom is an amazing woman. I'm sure as a child I didn't always think so, she was a great disciplinarian too :)
Mom is FULL of love for God and never stopped showing to us. My Mom was always talking about things of the Lord and we know that people talk about the things they really care about. She stayed home with Christian and I and did so much for us. Things like teach us how to work, how to get along with each other, and how to have fun. She was also there at the schools every chance we got to be a part of our day. We were never embarrassed to have her around like a lot of kids because she was always a cool mom to us and our friends, and that didn't mean we got what we wanted, she was just cool :) Many of our friends have also thought of my Mom as a second mom to them and I feel so blessed to have a mom that others would love and respect as much as I do.
As an adult now, my Mom is so much more to me than what she was when I was a child. She has become my best friend. I cherish every time I get to be with her and talk to her. She has an intuition that can only be from God and is able to guide well. I hope to someday be a Mom like her and have a friendship with my daughter like I have with her.

I do have to add that my Mom is a GREAT Mammy (grandma). The kids adore her. They adore Pappy, too but it's different. Just something about Grandma's. The kids said Sunday night. Mammy gives the best hugs! So true! They love you Mom!



Kara said...

We love you, too, Cathy! You made us feel like part of your family when we started coming to Immanuel. And not just because you let us swim in your pool. Thank you for loving our kids like you do! My mom is so thankful that we have your family since she can't be so close.

Cathy said...

Thanks, my dear Pam. You are a dear daughter. I love you too and your precious family. You are a great mom & wife. I am so very happy for you, but...I also look forward to your visits and phone calls. (A highlight for dad & I)

Kara, You are so nice - thank you. Time sure flys - you have been good friends for quite a while now. We will always be here for you and your family. I love you all too.

Pam, Kara, Jen,
I will always remember how you all included me in your Sunday afternoon talks & fun in the pool! Love & thanks to all.

Jenny LaBo said...

Shoot Cathy that was our favorite time! Thank you for making me feel at home too! I love you dearly!
Pam thanks for sharing your mom with Kara and I!