Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Weekend

Our weekend was pretty busy. The kids had soccer games on Saturday, their first. Angie got some good action shots, you can check out her blog for those :) Thanks Angie!

We then went to Mom and Dad's to spend the night and spend mothers day with them. That was the highlight for the kids (and me). Dad took the kids fishing at Schwannecke's pond. They caught a lot of fish as they always do out there. James especially likes going and talk about fishing with his Pappy to whoever will listen. I'm hoping Dad gets his pictures posted of their time, they are really cute.

On Mother's day we just took it easy. The kids played and we just played games and relaxed. A perfect day.

My parents home has turned in to a kids wonderland. The kids think everything in the house was put there for them. Dad saved some appliance boxes and they have made the basement their own village. Doghouses and all. That's what Hannah is doing with her tounge hanging out :)

Mom must have saved every necklace she ever had and let Hannah have a big box of them to play with. She got all dressed up in every single one of them. Very cute!

Dad did a little work in the yard on Sunday, and whatever Pappy does, the kids do too.


Kara said...

Rachel and Hannah will be heading off to NYC someday in search of high fashion.

The pool looks beautiful!

Pam, I'm very jelous of your yard, it looks like you have lots of flower beds!

Pam said...

Don't be too jealous, those flower beds are in the yard across the street. I do have some, just not like they do. They're yard is full of plants.

Kelly Glupker said...

Hannah looks like a bit of a drama queen! :)

Pam said...

She sure uses her imagination!! She loves to pretend play.

Jenny LaBo said...

I just want to jump in the pool!

Mom said...

Pam, I know you said it was a pig by your blog clock, but I honestly thought it was a deer! Doesn't it?

Pam said...

Mom, it has a snout! It's a pig. Why else would I have picked it? :)