Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy but Fun

We had a busy, busy weekend. It was fun though.

On Friday we went to Saugatuck for my cousin Matt Bartlett's wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL! An outdoor wedding with perfect weather. Matt and his wife Emily have been sweethearts since grade school and it was so obvious their love not only for each other but for God.

We then traveled to Saginaw for the night and went to see the Immanuel Softball game. They are the CHAMPIONS! 1st place!! Way to go guys!

After than we went to Josh Scwannecke's wedding. Also very nice. Great food at the reception, especially since I have been in the mood for steak for a while. Prime rib substituted nicely. :)

We stayed another night at Mom and Dad's and enjoyed a day at Immanuel and at the picnic. It's always fun to see my dear friends and meet new ones that have joined the Immanuel family. Pastor Matt and his family are so sweet and a real addition. Pastor Matt's trumpet playing knocked our socks off!! The band sounded superb.

Anyway, that's our weekend. Now for a week of getting ready for vacation!!!!!!


Kara said...

Oh i just love wedding pictures! So romantic!
It was nice seeing you yesterday. I hope you have a fantastic vacation. Don't eat too many hot dogs.

Matt and Rachael Neal said...

Getting ready for a week of vacation!!! I'm so jealous! It was good to see you at the wedding. Can't wait to share prego stories with you. BTW, I had to stop off at a health food store and get dried fruit today. I'm not sure why, it just sounded good.

Jenny LaBo said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! Were you feeling well enough to enjoy it?

TraceyLD said...

Sure was great to see you two.

Have a wonderful time on vacation.