Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mom or Kara?

I think this is the same flower you have a bunch of in your garden?? If not can one of you tell me what it is?

There are a ton more buds on it and it is going to be beautiful when they all bloom.


Kara said...

HIBISCUS! It is beautiful, my neighbor has it so I get to enjoy it from over the fence. :)

Matt and Rachael Neal said...

YES! We had several of these plants in our yard in KY. They can grow several feet tall. They are so beautiful!

PS - How's the belly?

Mom said...

Kara is correct! It is a Hibiscus. That is what we have in the garden, Pam. Every year it gets larger & larger! Ours is huge this year. They flower in late summer.

See ya on Friday, Rachael & Matt!

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

I used to have one before we moved, they are pretty ! I should take a pic of my moon flower plant, its a riot and huge !!!! let me know if you ever need to weed out any of your hibiscus would love some. we should do a flower swap sometime ! :)

Laurie said...

Moon flowers are pretty to watch open at night, but my last neighbor had some next to our driveway and they were a nuisance. They hung over the driveway, and I was always stepping over/on them or driving over them.