Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's Been Up

yesterday was my birthday. Thank you all for the well wishes. I had a wonderful weekend with my parents, brother and grandma. On Friday my husband bought me my birthday/Christmas gift. A new couch!!! I'm so excited! If any of you have been to our house you know our old one is ready to go. Then we went to mom and dads and played games with Chris. Saturday was Kelly G.'s shower and it was so nice to see her and so many others. I got to spend the rest of the day hanging out with Mom while James enjoyed some guy time with Chris and Dad watching football.

I asked James as a birthday gift to attend Immanuel for this past Sunday. It is ALWAY nice to see good friends and hear Pastor Mark. At Mom's house she made me a wonderful meal and a homemade Coconut Creme pie. IT WAS SO GOOD!! I have been craving coconut and held off until Sunday knowing it was coming.

I of course got wonderful gifts. Lots of stuff for our little boy :) He's going to be one well dressed little guy.

Today James IV got something new. Glasses. His eyes are really worse than we ever thought they were. He didn't complain until this school year that he couldn't see some thing. James and I noticed this past summer so we got him the first appointment we could and his glasses finally came in today. Doesn't he look cool? It's been a little strange for him to wear them and he's a bit nervous about wearing them to school, but lots of kids wear them and he'll be fine. We are just saying some extra prayers with him tonight to calm those nerves down.


Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

James I LOVE your new glasses, they look really nice ! Just think of all the books and classroom work you can zoom right thru now, with your smart brain and new strengthened eyes ! All the girls will love them :)
Love you - Aunt Stephanie

Mammy said...

Wow, James! How cool are you! The new you looks great! You are one handsome guy!! Can't wait to see you all again.

Kara said...

Very nice James! You look so smart! Ok, you looked smart before the glasses, too. I would want to sit by you in math class because I was never very good at it. And you could help me. :)

Phil Luter said...

James, isn't it great that God allowed us to have glasses to help us see. I sure have to use mine all the time for close up stuff. Let us know how they work. Can you see better up close for reading or far away, like for work on the black board? You sure picked out some nice frames, very sharp!

Laurie said...

You DO look very smart James, I love the new look!

Jenny LaBo said...

VERY trendy looking James!
Pam you look beautiful. You really are a lovely lady.