Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Story

I got tagged to tell our story, so here it goes! Our story didn't happen all that long ago, but I still like it.

In 2005 I went camping with the Immanuel bunch in Muskegon. I had a ton of fun and got a really good tan. :) I think it was the last time I was tan. Anyway, during that trip I met Hannah and James 4 on the beach and just fell in love with those kids. They were a ton of fun to play with. Oh and I also met their dad. To be honest, I wasn't immediately "smitten". He didn't fit the "plan" I thought God had for my life. He didn't live in Saginaw, had two kids, and was blonde. I was always attracted to brown haired, blue eyed boys. Such a minor thing, but when you're 31 years old, you have your style that you think you should marry picked out. So anyway, good ol' Stephanie Armstrong had it in her to fix James and I up. She did quite a bit of scheming. Trust me! She actually did a A LOT!!!! James did some of his own. I believe his first line to me, as I'm eating Cheetos, was "do you know they started making those as horse food?" . Now if a line like that doesn't make a girl swoon, what does?

One of the things Steph did was take some pictures with my camera that she knew James would want. So, he asked for my e-mail address so he could request the pics Steph took. I really had no idea what he was talking about but, whatever.

So after camping, he started e-mailing me just about everyday. Then he asked me on our first date on July 8 2005. We had so much fun together! We met up around 1:00pm and he dropped me off around 2:00am. He talked just as much as I did. We fell for each other on the first date, but I was VERY cautious. I was still unsure and told him and most everyone that we were just friends. Then in October he asked me to stop being his "just friend" and be his girlfriend. Oh yeah, he also told me he loved me!!
After a couple more months of dating, he proposed on Christmas Eve. Actually the kids proposed. He was so purposeful in keeping them involved in our relationship. That was very attractive to me. The kids gave me handmade card on Christmas Eve, that I thought was their present to me. On the card it said "will you marry our Daddy?". Then they stood there saying pretty please while I tried to figure out if it was for real. When they moved and James was on one knee with a diamond ring. I knew, they were for real!
So we got married on July 8, 2006, exactly one year from our first date. All our wonderful family and friends were there to celebrate and be a part of our big day.

Our lives have changed a lot in that year and a half. I moved from Saginaw to Mayville, then in April of 2007 we packed up and moved to Hartland for James' new job. In July we found out we were going to expand our little family. I am so blessed and love James, James and Hannah so much! I have a wonderful husband, and two kids that call me the best name in the world. Mom.

So there is our story. I tried to make it as short as I could, but it's still pretty long.

I now tag......Dad, Tracey D., and Rachael Neal (if you have time with that new baby).


Jenny LaBo said...

Pam that was beautiful. Thank you!

Chris said...

I agree Jenny, I cried.

Kelly Glupker said...

Chris - did you really cry?
Very sweet Pam. And I have to say, you look great in every single picture!

phil said...

hey pam...very cool to hear your story...find your blog...catch up on like 10 years! I'm working on some stuff for Mike and Lydia trying to find people's e-mails and i came across your blog!

We'd love to catch up with excited for you guys and your upcoming addition to the fam!

Take care,
Phil (and Emily)

Kara said...

Pam has always been so photogenic. I love to look at wedding pictures. Thank you for posting. I didn't realize your wedding date was exactly a year from your first date!

Amanda said...

Wow what a great story! You give me goose bumps! Thanks for playing! I can't believe Kara isn't showing in all these pictures!

aaron and betsy said...

It was fun to read your story. I hadn't heard all of the details before! Thanks for sharing.

TraceyLD said...

Fun to read your story. It seems like you have been together longer than you have and some times it seems just like yesterday.
Okay, so I've been tagged. I must find some pictures!