Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Week

I haven't updated in a week so I thought I would, even though this week was rather uneventful for the Wickman's. Even life as normal seems really busy when your husband is gone to meetings for 4 days. James had to be at a Michigan Managers meeting all week so it was pretty quiet around here. Just me and the kids.
I did get exciting news about friends though! I consider their excitement my own :) Thanks guys!!
I headed to the doctor this week and things are going super good. I was really pleased to hear I didn't gain much weight since my last appointment( 1 pound ) even though Christmas happened since the last weigh in. He is really active and strong, although he is in a really weird position and the Dr. said I need to start poking him to get him to move positions. He's laying rib to rib in me. Which I can tell you makes my belly look funny :)
Yep, that's about it. Nothing too terribly exciting. Just thought I need to update.


Jenny said...

Glad to hear about your week! Thanks for posting! :)

Kara said...

Consider yourself tagged (see my blog)!

I , too, am glad to hear your dr. appts are going well. I can't believe you only gained 1 pound over Christmas, that's unheard of!

Alice said...

I say poke him! Thats funny advice from your doc. I always dreaded getting on the scale. It was like walking the plank.

Amanda said...

I just realized we are in a blue mood. I can't say who copied who Kara, me, you. But i love the blue!