Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life at Home

Grandma and Evan getting in some good snuggling.
This picture says "Luter" all over it. Look at his eyes. James said that the very first thing he thought when he saw Evan was that he looks like Uncle Chris.
He looked so pitiful after his bath I had to take a picture. Bath time is not his favorite yet.
Hannah came home today and promptly read Evan her new book. He listened very intently. It was so cute!
Daddy and James chilling on Evan's first day home.


Anonymous said...

Grandma can hardly wait to hold and snuggle Evan tomorrow. See you soon!

Kara said...

Pam, he is just precious! They are so cute after a bath ,the bigger he gets he'll enjoy it more, I promise.

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

was gone all weekend and i come back to all these great pics !!!!!

olivia hated her first few baths but she got used to it and now they both LOVE bath time.

feeling good ?

going to try and call today, i have been waiting till you get settled a little. first few days home are big :) but sooooo nice.

So will Evan call your mom and dad mammy and pappy or just grandpa and grandma ?

glad to hear his feedings are going well.

is he sleeping good or atleast a few extra hours for your precious sleep.

i will call, i could babble for a bit but will chat soon :)

cant wait to hold him !!

manda said...

This boy is so with it. Andrews eyes weren't even open all the way for a few days. That comes b/c he was early. Evan is looking at things! Thats great. Pam your baby is already supppper smart! :)

amber said...

He's so cute and already looking like an established member of the family. I love the picture of Hannah reading Evan a book - what a great sister!