Friday, March 21, 2008

We're Home Alone

Mom left this evening, in the blowing, slippery snow. Yep, we got lots of it. Again.

As I sit here blogging, James and Evan are chatting. OK, James is talking Evan is sucking his lip and flailing his arms everywhere.
I'm way into the "emotional stage". All you moms know the one. The one where to take a look at that little life that was in you for so long and immediately cry and praise God that he is more than you could have ever asked for.
James spent the afternoon helping Chris move. (Can't wait to visit Uncle Chris soon!) He came home and grabbed his little boy up and has been snuggling with him for hours. I cry, sleep, eat......Evan and I seem to be on the same schedule.

For those who are interested, he has been nursing really well. Today was a little rough, but we will persevere and make it through. He is no way malnourished.

Mom and Dad have been a SUPER HUGE HELP. THANK YOU!!! Not only have they cared for me and Evan, but they have spent so much energy with Hannah and James and Big James and I appreciate it so much. They love the new baby, but still need attention of their own and Mom and Dad have been excellent at it. What a burden lifted from us.
Mom took off today and left all our laundry clean, meals in the fridge and a nice warm fuzzy feeling in our house. THANK YOU MOM!!
OK, I'm off to be. Evan will stay up with Daddy until his late night feeding. That's nice for me, I like sleep.
Good night friends!!


Jenny LaBo said...

Good for you Pam. I am so glad you are doing well! I will call you in a week or two...I will wait till you are feeling a little better :)
I cry looking at your baby too! I have finally calmed down. I am just so happy for you and thankful that God has blessed you so much!

Kara said...

I saw your mom today... yep, she's missing you all bunches and bunches.
Just hang in there, your hormones will even out in a year or so. Welcome to motherhood! Glad he's eating well, that's always a huge praise.