Thursday, May 08, 2008

Baths and Giggles

Evan is not a big fan of his bath. Well, actually it depends on the day. Today, because I wanted to take a picture, not a fan.

He is on the other hand always been a fan of getting dressed and hanging out on his changing table. Today he was so happy and giggling. He has just started lauging and giggling with his smiles. It is so fun to see him get his whole body into it. I just wish we had a video camera so that I could share it with all of you.

I love the shots where Hannah isn't posing. They're hard to get. I did manage to get one of her snuggling with Evan. She always hurries in the morning to get ready for school so she can have time with him. He LOVES Hannah and noone can get him smiling like her. Although this particular day he was too sleepy to play.


Anonymous said...

They are all cute pictures, but...the one of Evan sleeping on Hannah is precious!!

Kara said...

I also love the sleeping baby pic, he is zonked! I am so bummed I will not see you Sunday. GIve him a kiss for me!

Amanda said...


Kelly Glupker said...

He is changing so much and is so cute. Owen used to hate his bath before I completely emersed (sp?) him in the water. He was just too cold otherwise. Starting at about 3or 4 months, I just laid him in the tub and he loves it!

The Neals said...

what a cutie! anne used to hate her baths too, until i realized she is like her mama - she likes the water high and hot. :) now, she splashes and giggles. isn't it fun to watch them grow?

The Speer's said...

What a face in the first picture. Hannah and baby Evan are so cute together.