Friday, August 22, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm humming the song as I type. I love the Sound of Music.......
Anyway, we went to Saginaw for a short visit Wednesday night through Thursday Morning. We enlisted Amber Beery Photography for some long overdue shots of the kids. We had fun! She is so good and although Evan was sleepy and out of sorts, she still managed to get him into some great poses and hopefully the pics of all three and of him will turn out great.

The kids then proceeded to the pool. I think that's the only reason they wanted to go to Saginaw. They had so much fun. My favorite thing about the kids swimming is their imaginations go wild. It makes me smile just to remember that, in their world, Hannah had to cross the ocean because James moved away from her. Or that James was jumping off rocks (the diving board) just like the Uncle Chris and Pappy on their backpacking trips. He even talked about it halfway home. It was like he was stuck in his imagination. So cute.

Then there is Evan. He's just cute. He slept on Grandpa, snuggled with Grandma and played in a laundry basket.

The only thing missing was my husband who was at work providing for us :) He'll come with me this weekend though. We're going to Saginaw for Saturday and Sunday. Another of my favorite things, visiting family. That word pretty much sums up my favorite everything. Family :)


Kelly Glupker said...

Cute post, Pam. Family is the best!

Phil Luter said...

As we met to talk about our trip to Papua New Guinea tonight we talked about the kids that we will minister to. Family seemed so important as we discussed the fact that many of these kids will only see their grandparents a couple of times in their entire life. They never have the close family, church, and peer contact that our kids have. Pray that we can in some small way fill in some of those gaps.

Kara said...

That last picture reminded me of me and my brother when we were little- the laundry basket was one of our favorite things!
I'll see you Sunday morning friend!

Angie, Jon, Ty and Wyatt said...

Hey, if you get a chance give us a call some time when you are in Saginaw, I really want to see Evan. He is bigger than Wyatt already, I can't believe that. Our number is 790-3406. We are going to see Thomas the Tank Engine on Saturday at Huckleberry Railroad, but next time give us a call!

Jenny LaBo said...

"When the dog bites, WHEN the bee stings, when I'm feeling bad"
Great post Pam!