Monday, September 22, 2008

They Arrived!

Well, the team to Papua New Guinea arrived safely. The team included my dad, brother and other from my home church in Saginaw. Immanuel Bible.
Their luggage. Did not. Pray that it arrives soon. They all packed their carry on's well and had a change of clothes, but that's not much for a 2 week stay.
I'll upadate as Mom hears :)

Thanks for praying!


chris k said...

So glad you had an update. My students loved your monsters of rap cd but could not tolerate Bon Jovi! I just can't imagine why the kids wouldn't like the hard rock. My pegged pants were a big hit as was my fluorescent shirt. My hair was not big though. Thanks again for the cd's. I'll send them back through your mom.

Jenny LaBo said...

Thanks Pam!!!!
I've been praying!!!