Friday, September 05, 2008

What Happened While the Camera Was Broke

I did take pictures of the last 2 weeks of life. We did fun things! My camera for some unknown reason decided not to upload. Now it does. We did nothing to fix it. It was just having a bad week or something.
Here is my feeble attempt to catch up. We went to Saginaw swimming. Evan swam in his floaty and LOVED it! He even stuck his face in the water. I hope he likes water, but has a healthy fear of it so next year I won't be so much chasing. Who am I kidding? I'm sure I'll be chasing that kid.
Hannah learned to DIVE! Head first off the diving board. She just made up her mind to do it, and in a matter of minutes she had it.
James can do flip after flip off the diving board. They are so fun to watch swim.
Hannah is a "Freshman" cheerleader. Which means she cheers for her brothers 4th grade football team. She got to go with her squad and cheer at a high school football game. She did so well.

She's in that crowd somewhere cheering on the Hartland High School Football team. By the way, they beat Livonia 42 to 7. GO EAGLES!!

This Saturday is James first football game. Big James is going to announce the kids games. They are happy to have Daddy involved. Evan and I are going to cheer brother on. Evan has learned to raise his hands and wave them around when there is a touchdown. :) We are ready to go watch James IV do his stuff. He's getting really tough. He reminds me all the time. Last week or so he came home from practice and said "Mom, I'm getting really tough. I don't even feel like crying anymore". I shed a little tear at how grown up, yet so young he sounded. I'll have pictures Saturday!


chris k said...

Oh Pam, don't you just wonder where the time is going? They are growing up so fast.

Kara said...

I'm a tad bit concerned that no one seems interested in band... Hannah, I could really see you playing the french horn. :)

Pam said...

Oh Kara, She sat still for the whole band performance than cheered with me when they were done. She really like them! In 5th grade she gets to try out band and she is ready to give it a try. I'll suggest French Horn for you.