Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I was tagged

1. What is your husband's name? James Theodore III
2. Who eats more? Him for sure
3. Who said, "I love you" first? James
4. Who is taller? James by about 5 inches
5. Who is smarter? James - he's practically a genius, photographic memory and all
6. Who is more sensitive? Me, have you met me??? Did I cry?
7. Who does the laundry? Me
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me, most of the time.
9. Who pays the bills? Both of us. Shared duty
10. Who cooks more? Me. James only cooked a lot when I was pregnant and couldn't stand the smell of food.
11. Who is more stubborn? It's a toss up, but probably him
12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Me, but that's because I'm typically the one that was wrong.
13. Who has more siblings? James. He has two brothers, I have one.
14. Who wears the pants in the relationship? James. He always respects me and my intelligence and intuition though.
15. What do you like to do together? Play board games, chat with each other, just sit and stare at each other.....just kidding! Although that used to be our dates :)
16. Who eats more sweets? Me, I like sweet, he likes savory
17. Guilty Pleasures? We like to eat out with our kiddos when the budget allows
18. How did you meet? Stephanie Armstrong and all her scheming ways!! Thanks Steph!!!
19. Who asked whom out first? James, a week after we met
20. Who kissed who first? James kissed me
21. Who proposed? Hannah, James and James
22. His best features and qualities? He loves me, cherishes me, treats me like I'm the queen of the castle. He is respected by all who know him, and seriously, have you heard his voice?????

I tag - Rachael N., Kim A. and Amy C.

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