Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Me? I'm Just Watching Elmo

I gated Evan in the living room and quickly tried to load the dishwasher. That took about 3 minutes. This is what my mostly clean living room looked like when I got back. He was so funny. He just layed there and watched Sesame Street like nothing happened. Must have been someone else that dumped out ALL the toys and the clean laundry. :) He is so funny!!!


Jenny LaBo said...

That is so funny!

chris k said...

He was watching Elmo and couldn't possibly have done all of that in a matter of minutes, right? He must be moving fast now. Do you even remember when you could put him down and he wouldn't move much? Enjoy these days. :)

Amanda said...

This might be my favorite post of the year! Of course kara two washing dishes in their underware is up there too. :)