Friday, November 21, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For - Day 1

Each day from now until Thanksgiving I've decided to blog about what I am most thankful for. So check back each day and there will actually be a new posting!

Day 1 -


My husband James is a true gift from the Lord. I love him so much!! He is everything I prayed for in a man and God has revealed that to me in such a short marraige, so far. It's easier for me to make a list of things I love rather than one big run on sentence.
He is God fearing.
Loves and cherishes me
Is a GREAT daddy!
Well respected everywhere.
Intelligent and wise.
Warm. Which is great on cold nights :)
Likes to play games with me.
Always puts me and the kids before anything or anyone else.

I know that he not perfect, but he perfect for me. Thank the LORD that he loves me despite MY imperfections.
Thank you God for my dear, sweet, wonderful man.


Jenny LaBo said...

Pam that is a wonderful idea. I am so glad God brought James into your life!

Kara said...

Very sweet! I am so glad God brought you two together. I can't wait to see what you post tomorrow!