Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Voted!!

The kids and I went to the high school to vote today. Taking the kids was fun and not fun all at the same time. As Hannah announced to everyone that "Hey! There's more than just McCain on the paper!", it was a great learning experience for them too. They were with me for a little piece of history. They had been learning about the elelctions in school and it was neat to let them be a part of it.
Evan, screeched and babbled and was basically really distracting to everyone. I felt bad, but the guy that was at the door on the way out thanked Evan for putting a little fun and cute into their day.
Grandpa you'd be happy to know that your youngest has been watching Fox news this evening just like you.


chris k said...

Did Hannah and James have the day off?

Phil Luter said...

I see by Evan's big smile that he was watching Fox News before the election results.

Pam said...

They did! It was in their schedule to have election day off. It was fun :)