Monday, November 17, 2008

What a Wonderful Visit

Last week my family from Colorado came to visit. My mom's sister Robin and her family live there. So we welcomed Uncle Jim, Aunt Robin, my cousin Aaron, his wife Betsy and for the first time in Michigan....Alison!!
It's always a treat to get to see them. I get a little weepy each time they have to leave. They are so special to all of us. It was especially nice to get to know Betsy more as the only two times I've met her was at her wedding, then at mine. We were really busy those days. Not much time for chatting :)
Alison is such a doll. I had been very excited to meet her. She made a special bond with Hannah and Hannah with her. She has been the top of the list for bedtime prayers this weekend.
Thank you family for coming to visit!! We enjoy every minute!

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Betsy said...

Pam, we loved being there and I enjoyed getting to know you better too! Aaron and I loved meeting Evan. He's a cutie1!...Just yesterday Alison was saying, "Hannah!" love, Betsy