Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hannah the Christmas Starr

I've been really slow at blogging lately. The busy season has arrived!

This last Sunday night Hannah was in a Christmas Musical called the Christmas Starr. It was so good!! She had to learn a lot of songs and some dance moves too. She had an absolute blast being with all the other kids doing 2 of her favorite things. Singing and dancing.
She was a wiseman that brought gifts to Jesus and, of course, did wonderful.
It was a very enjoyable evening for all of us. She has lots of guests to watch her which made it even more special.
The best part is the message that the musical had. Christ's birth was important to give us eternal life. More important that any other person or thing. Amen!


Kara said...

Good job, Hannah! If you're ever on broadway I'll take a fun trip with your mom to see your big production.

chris k said...

How wonderful and I love the simplicity of the costumes. The picture captured the right moment...hands raised and ready to bow. :)

Great picture of all three little ones up top.

Phil Luter said...

We really enhoyed the night. Evan was so interested in the whole thing. Of course he loves music and he loves Hannah.

We are getting anxious for all of you to come here. Of course we have to experience a couple more major snowstorms first I hear.

Jenny LaBo said...

LOVE the new picture and background!!!
Can't wait to see you!