Friday, December 19, 2008

9 Months

Evan - just chillin' in the snow after playing with his brother and sister.

Evan is 9 months old already! Actually yesterday, but yesterday was SO BUSY that I didn't even get to blog. I'll blog about that day later.
Evan continues to be a joy. That kid is the most content baby I have ever been around. He just goes with the flow. Of course he has his moments, but you know he is either tired, hungry or wet.
He loves music and dances even if I hum around the house. He is *almost* walking. He realizes he is and sits down and laughs. He can say a few words clearly. Mama, Dada, No! and Hannah. He says her whole name, it's so cute! We're working on James now. That one is tricky. I think he's trying to say Grandma and Grandpa because when I show him a picture and talk about them he says "GA!". Sorry Uncle Chris, maybe over Christmas we'll get to your name :)

Evan LOVES the laundry basket and crawls in to hang out. So Silly!


The Neals said...

wow - i can't believe all he's doing at nine months. i think having older siblings definitely helps. annelise could probably walk if she wanted to...but she's lazy. crawling is faster. she refuses to say mama...only dada. can't wait to get all these cousin babies together in january. what a blast!

Pam said...

I know Rach! I want him to slow down and be my baby still. He certainly wants to keep up with the big kids. I am looking forward to getting together almost as much as I am Christmas!!! I'm a little afraid Evan is going to tackle Annelise though ;) He loves other babies, a little too much.

Phil Luter said...

Wow! I just went out to get the mail. We have a good 12" and it is still coming (at 12:40PM). I guess we won't have to worry about a white Christmas this year. I am starting to see quite a bit more hair in Evan's pictures. It makes him look less like a little baby and more like a little boy. Maybe we will have to take the kids sledding while they are here.

Kara said...

I was going to say what your dad said- his hair is filling in nicely! If he wants to tackle someone he can come over and play with Tommy, he would really enjoy that.

Love the new picture and template, you're getting so good at those group shots. :)