Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tree Tag

Here's our Christmas tree this year. Yes, you notice a slight lean. This is even after James tied it to the mantle. It was leaning much much more. You see, the kids decorate and EVERYTHING goes on the front. They put all but about 5 ornaments on the tree this year and it looks beautiful!
This isn't a very good picture of these, but they are my favorite ornaments. Both were made for me by the kids the Christmas James and I got engaged. The blue one is made with Hannah's handprint and the pinecone is rolled in glue and glitter made by little James. They are so special to me!

Now, it's your turn to show your tree and your favorite ornament. Share with us the story of why it's your favorite.

I tag: Kara, Laurie, Steph, Rachael, Dad and Amber

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The Kampers said...

How sweet. I love Hannah's figures as snowmen! I will have to remember that idea!