Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wickman Family Visit

This is past due. With Thanksgiving and all I didn't do well at getting these posted when I wanted to.
We went a couple weeks ago to visit with James' Grandma Wickman and his Dad. We had such a nice visit! This was the first time they had met Evan and I think they all loved each other. :) She always spoils us with a wonderful meal. The kids LOVE her banana cream pie and always want me to make it for them. It wouldn't be as special if they had it all the time right? James' dad had fun with the kids too! They love their grandpa and think he is so fun.
We love you great grandma Wickman and grandpa Wickman too!!!

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Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

what great pictures :)
i know its hard to keep up with blogging now that our days are busier with holidays etc.
by the way i will confirm with trav, he will probably call tonight or on his way home tomorrow. also i have a carseat solution !!! :)