Sunday, January 18, 2009

10 Months!

Evan is 10 months old today. After a week of sickness he is just now getting back to himself.
Some of his favorite things are climbing the stairs. He's climbing them here at Aunt Becky's with his cousins.

Opening and closing the curtains and looking outside. He's been sick so I haven't taken him out, except to the Dr. and I think he misses it. He is an outdoor kid. Good thing he has an outdoor Grandpa!

Tags. Anything with a tag is so much fun! He just realized bear has a ribbon and a tag. I thought he might like it so much it would replace Elmo. No Way!
I love this brown sweater! My Aunt Robin got it for him. The pants are too big still, but I couldn't resist putting him in the sweater already.

Books and taking all the books off the shelf. He LOVES to read books with anyone who will read them to him. I hope he stays that way :)

We all love him so much. As he woke up this morning and was jumping up and down in his crib yelling Uh OH I didn't really want to get out of bed. It was cold! As always though, my thought went to thanking the Lord for our little child and how we have been so blessed by him.


Anonymous said...

Little Sweethear! Can't wait to see him this week. ~"Ga" Grandma

Anonymous said...

Ok! So I needed my glasses on when typing "sweetheart". ~"Ga"

chris k said...

The brown sweater is just too cute on him. He is looking like such a big boy. Hopefully, the sickies start leaving him soon...poor little guy.

Kara said...

That brown sweater is adorable!!! I want to hug that precious little boy in his brown sweater!

Amy said...

He's so cute and I'm glad he's feeling better!