Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I won't be in the Ice Capades

Isn't this a sweet picture of Hannah holding hands with Uncle Chris?

We went ice skating yesterday on the kids day off. Uncle Chris came down to spend the day with us too. It was nice to have him and I know the kids enjoyed beating him in Monopoly :)
Once we finally made it to an open arena, skating was fun! The kids do really good. I guess all the rollerblading they do around here really helps. We all fell at least 2 times if not more. I'm not sore from skating. I'm sore from falling! Oh well, we had a good laugh and fell again. I don't think I had been skating since Winter Camp in college. I really need to get out there more. It's pretty fun. I know there is an outdoor rink around so I think we'll try that next time.


chris k said...

What a fun idea!

The McNamara's said...

Glad you guys had fun! It's nice the kids can use the skates with you guys too and get lots of use out of them.