Wednesday, February 18, 2009

11 Months Old

Evan is 11 months old ALREADY! These months have flown by. Evan has become super active this last month. He can walk, just hasn't figured out that's the fastest way from A to B. He still crawls a lot.
He is such a ham. Always cracking us up. quick story....I was in Target last week looking at Valentine cards and these two really cool teen guys walked up to look too. One stepped near me to get a card, Evan GROWLED! His scariest Tiger growl. The two guys looked at him really suprised. Then Evan stuck his tongue out and blew a raspberry. The two kids cracked up! Evan is so funny. Already protecting his mommy.

Evan got his head stuck in the computer chair. What a busy body!
Evan got a Valentine from Hannah and hasn't put it down. He loves it!


Jenny LaBo said...

What a funny kid!

The Kampers said...

Too funny! They keep you on your toes don't they?

chris k said...

What a cutie! Love the fauxhawk.

Phil Luter said...

Thanks for the pictures. We think he really can read the valentine. he just hasn't learned to talk yet to tell you about it.

Sarah Glupker said...

Somebody's got a BIG birthday coming up very soon!! Can't believe it's almost been a year... What a fun year, eh?