Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hudson Taylor and the Volcano

James IV had an oral biography report today. He did his on Hudson Taylor. I think that was a really cool choice. He chose himself, and wrote the whole thing without influence. I say that because our kid wrote the whole Gospel message into it. As he was practicing with us last night James and I did all we could to hold back the tears of joy for a son with a tender heart towards things of the Lord. He had to dress up as his character so he donned his suit (wore it to school all day!)and we made a sort of beard. That was the best we could come up with. I think he looked so handsome in his suit I had to include that picture too.

Hannah also had a big project and that was her volcano. She made it in art class. Took her weeks!! Looks cool huh? Now what do we do with it?


The Kampers said...

How cool that James did that! I would have totally lost it when he was practicing! And Hannah's volcano is pretty cool too!

Phil Luter said...

We are proud of both of you kids! Great job! Let us know how the class and teacher received James's report. I am praying for him.

amber said...

What good kids!! Hope the Hudson report and volcano project went well. You have every reason to be proud of your kids!

TraceyLD said...

Regarding the Volcano..take lots of pictures..remove some pieces from it and scrapbook it.
Way to go James! Nice job of the report.
He does look very handsome in his suit.