Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update on the Report

James came home and literally burst through the door saying "That was the best day of my life!". So obviously the speech went well. When I asked him what made it the best day he said EVERYONE wanted to talk to him about his report because they didn't know who he(Hudson Talor) was. He had the most original. Oh and lots of people said he looked cool in a suit. (What guy doesn't?)
I thank God so often for James' teacher this year. Mrs. Bell. We know she is a Christian, I counseled with her at Barakel back in the day. She also graduated from the same high school as me, only one year behind. She is a great encouragement to James and has challenged him in new and fun ways. Praise God for a Christian teacher in a public school system!


The Kampers said...

So glad that James had such a good experience! And yes, good thing for Christians in the school system! They make a difference to those kids!

TraceyLD said...

I'm happy for James! Way to go!
PTL for Christian teachers.

chris k said...

Hooray for a great experience. That makes all the difference when the next project comes up.

Kara said...

How wonderful to have a teacher like her. I keep praying that there are some of those at Rachel and Adam's school.

Amanda said...

yummy template.

I like the beard. Thats cool! I love seeing andrew in his suit and tie they are sooo cute! What a great day for him!