Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Would YOU Answer This?

This week I was asked this question by one of the big kids.
"Mom? Why do people that say they are Christians, but don't act like it, get so much good things? I don't think they deserve it. If they do bad and sin so much it hurts others but they act like it doesn't and it seems like they just get more good stuff from God."

Good question. I know how I answered. I'm just curious how any of you would.


Amanda said...

ooo this is a good one!!!!

well I would ask said kid what they feel is "good things" are we talking an A on a spelling test, cool jeans, a big fat allowance????

This could go anywhere?!?! I think I don't have a clear enough question and need more details to answer this one. Are you going to tell us how you answered it?

Jenny LaBo said...

I think I would explain it like this.
Keep in mind I have no children.
Its like this. Let's say I am planning a party for you, maybe a birthday party. Before the b-party we have to run to the store to pic something up. In the store you see a piece of candy that you want. As your mom I can tell that it really isn't that good and the inside is probably all rotten and gross. I know you really want it but I also know that at home I have a wonderful cake for you and all of your favorite foods just waiting. Something so much better for you then you can even think of at that moment.
God is like that. In our home Heaven HE has so many better things waiting for us. Treasures that we have stored up and JUST gifts or blessings that HE WANTS to give us.
That's what I would try with. PLEASE tell us what you said.

Pam said...

I was pretty much in line with what Jenny said. Like the Rich man that gets his reward here on earth.
I told them that we don't know everyone's heart. Only God knows that. Even Christians sin. God blesses people differently.
It's hard not to be jealous, but God may have big blessings in store in your future. Some of the things you think are blessings, may not be to them. We don't know how they got them. Are they spending their money on play stuff when they should have paid a bill? We can't compare ourselves or we will be miserable.
Non-Christians get their good things here on earth. And that's it. We have eternity of being with God! To which they added...mansions! Gold roads! Pearls and jewels on buildings! GOD!!!

Amanda said...

We will be miserable!!! You guys are great! I'm so glad I have you as freinds!