Thursday, September 10, 2009

Days Go By...

What do little boys and Mommy's do when big kids go to school?
We visit Dairy Queen so Evan can have ice cream! Seriously, what good is having a DQ in town if you only go twice a summer?

We also have this conversation over and over.

Evan: Daddy?
Me: He's at work
Evan: Erk - roar!

Evan: Bobby? (his word for James who knows where it came from)
Me: He's at school
Evan: cool - ssssss (for snake)

Evan: Nah Nee?
Me: She's at school
Evan: HOME!!!

Poor Evan, lost his playmates. Mom just isn't as fun right now. MOPS will be starting up soon and we have a few regular toddler times at the library and pool coming up. He'll be ok. Gotta run, he's looking for Daddy again.


The Kampers said...

how sweet!

Kara said...

Bobby. That is hilarious!
I'm so happy that you have a Dairy Queen. Did you see that a Baskin Robbins is going in at our old Dairy Queen here????