Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When Did You....

get that overjoyed/overwhelmed feeling of reality that "I AM A PARENT"??


Amanda Irene said...

wow thats a good question. I had that moment when emma came out. Suddenly my own mortallity kicked in. I became a more careful driver. I have gotten better about wishing I could put them in a bubble.

When I see my kids emtionally hurting or mad enough to punch the wall it hits me that I have to help them deal with this and no one else can b/c A. I am alone with them and B. no one knows them better than I do and C. Its my job!

I pray a lot more now as a parent.

Kara said...

I think the minute they laid Rachel on my chest after she came out. And then they whisked her away and I felt totally helpless because I was her mom yet she needed the drs more than me at that moment. That was a little overwhelming for me.