Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Day With Grandma

After Hannah's game on Saturday she and I, along with Evan, went to Saginaw to visit Grandma.
Mom and I have gone to the Ryder Center Arts and Crafts show for years together. I'm not crafty, but this has really nice stuff at it and I enjoy it a lot. Hannah and I got matching necklaces, and we both thought that was pretty cool :)
We then went to look at pumpkins, or as Evan calls them pumpas. Hannah had fun running around with him looking at all the different kinds of pumpkins.
While we were in town we even squeezed in a visit with my Great Grandma Spear, or GiGi as the kids call her. Our cousin Alison made that up last fall and it just stuck :)
All in all, a day with family is a great day!

My little model :)

This is Evan trying to feed Elmo his french fries :)

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Phil Luter said...

When we took him to McD's he tried to feed frys to the little doll he got with his happy meal.