Monday, October 05, 2009


We got free tickets to the Detroit Institute of Arts and decided to make a day of it. Sometimes it's nice to go look at all the talent God has given people in this world of ours. The kids seem to enjoy themselves and even got to create some of their own art in the form of a mosaic.

While we were there a nice man told us that the Detroit Science Center was free too. So, we went there too. The kids had so much fun there! The place is all hands on and I think Evan touched everything :)

What a nice day. It would have cost us $100+ but free made it even more fun.


The Kampers said...

What a great day! And so wonderful it was all free!

Kara said...

Awesome! That last picture is hilarious!

Jenny LaBo said...

Free is awesome!!!!!
Great picturs! :)

Kelly Glupker said...

I always have a much better time when it's free because I don't have to feel guilty. Don't you just love days with the family? Looks like fun!