Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rewind to My Birthday

I had a VERY wonderful birthday. Not in the sense that I did anything crazy or super exciting. As a matter of fact I spent most of the day taking Son #1 James to the orthodontist to get his upper palatial widener put in.
That was actually a true delight to this mom. To have him all to myself for a whole 2+ hours was a gift in and of itself. He was especially chatty and I enjoyed listening to him. I love to hear my kids hopes, dreams and am glad I am there when they need to share their hurting hearts. The Lord gives me grace and love beyond what I am capable of for sure. I treasure those monthly rides to Ann Arbor and actually look forward to the next appointment.
Hannah was especially expressive on my birthday. She showered me with hugs and kisses and wrote me some "keeper" birthday letters and cards. My favorite? She had to write a letter in school to someone and she chose me! I still never expect to be the first one on my older two's mind. I am their stepmother after all. (They never makes me feel that way though.) Hannah's letter:
Dear Mom,
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good one. Thanks so much for everything you've ever done for me which is so much I could never keep track even if I tried. Do you want to know how much I love you? Well, it's from the earth's surface to the highest star in the galaxy. I bet you can't beat that, can you? You know, I love you so much that no more words could describe it. Also, while I'm at Momma's I never forget about you. No Kidding! Thanks Mom and I hope you liked the letter.
Love, Hannah
P.s. I really do love you. By the way Mrs. Reed says hi. I mean it. I really, really love you. Really.

I even cry when I type it! She touched me so deeply with this letter...I don't think she'll ever know how much it made my day, year...my mothering life!!
I'm not putting this letter on my blog to brag about my loving kids,(Although they are great), or to think that I am the best Mom ever. Trust me...kids are VERY forgiving. I fail often. I posted this to remind all of us parents that although there are days that are normal, a lot of work, or just not that exciting...our kids see those days as another day my parent loves me. Keep loving your children with the unconditional love that God gives us. FULL of grace and mercy.


Jenny LaBo said...

Dang it now I'm crying. I am so glad you had a nice birthday. That Hannah girl, what a sweetheart.

The Kampers said...

What a sweet letter! Isn't it great how God builds families in all different ways?! I am so glad He brought you your kids!

Kara said...

Pam, that is the sweetest letter ever. I love what Liz said. I'll leave it at that!

Kelly Glupker said...

Speaking as someone who comes from a blended family myself, let me just tell you: YOU ARE AWESOME! I feel sorry for many kids who have to deal with divorce and step parents because it can be a very difficult thing. Often times the step parent doesn't treat the step kids as their own. But obviously you DO treat those kids as your own and that will impact James and Hannah more than you'll ever know! You are so good for them.

Sarah Glupker said...

Those expressions of voluntary love....priceless! Can't buy them, that's for sure.
Thanks for the post. It makes my heart happy to hear that yours is happy too!
Happy belated birthday!